Welcome and Blessings.  My name is Torey Julian and i am on a journey.  Traveling around the world for 3 years to Experience life.  Specifically I am out to Experience Meditation and centering myself in the heart space to learn and share the nature of the universe.  The other Experience I am after is how to live in the world.  I am seeking a holistic and self sustainable way of life that is based out of community and the insights coming from meditation.  I am excited to share my progress and learning along the way.  May you all find liberation from misery and live a life of true happiness and joy.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Torey,
    It was wonderful to meet you today! My mind is still wandering and playing with all the ideas/adventures/life perspectives we talked about today. Thank you for taking the time, and using so many precious words to let me see a bit of who you are and the experiences you have had. I am inspired, and can’t wait to bring some more of the things i have been learning in theory and putting them into practice. India and Spain are calling, also, Iceland had not been on my radar much until today, but that may have to make its way up on my list of places to experience.

    Thank you again, and I hope your time at path of love is restful, inspiring and evoking of the kind of energy you are looking for.

    Grace and Peace,

    • It was my absolute pleasure to share the wealth of information I carry. Inspiration is the true gift and I hope your life takes an amazing turn into world travel. Shoot me an email at japanesecrouton@gmail.com. And I’ll keep in touch and send some books your way. Be well and travel well. Best wishes on finishing your masters.

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