100 items to travel the world

100 items

You are looking at my belongings for the next 3 years.  This all fits into a 50 liter backpack and weighs around 25 pounds.  I am carrying with me quite a few extra items that wouldn’t normally be included in such a minimalist journey such as my circus toys, but I am certain all the hours of practice will pay off in the long run.  This will be a quick post basically just showing what I am taking to help others possibly plan what they will take and perhaps I will adjust a few items depending on how they work over the long run.  My journey will mainly be in spring summer and fall weathers with no real excursions into winter time.  I am bringing a jacket for cool nights, but nothing for sustaining a cold winter environment.  I know there is a movement out there amongst people who own homes to reduce their possessions down to 100 items.  I wonder how I stack up.

Deuter 50L backpack
Rei 22L daypack
2 Prana stretch quick dry pants (1 with zip off legs)
1 Kuhl shorts
1 Rei ¾ yoga pants (my every situation shorts I call them, I love these actually)
1 Jeans (I may drop these, but I am spending some more fall months at the beginning of my trip)
1 belt
1 bandana
1 hot chilies long underwear pants
2 exofficio quick dry underwear
4 regular underwear
4 pair wool socks
2 icebreaker 150 weight wool t-shirts
1 icebreaker 200 weight wool t-shirt
1 icebreaker 150 weight long sleeve shirt
1 icebreaker 250 weight long sleeve shirt
1 cotton t-shirt
1 cotton tank top
1 sarong/scarf/beach towel/favorite daily wear item I own!
1 felt jacket
2 cotton button down shirts
1 cotton vest
1 pair Birkenstock clogs
1 pair vibram speed toe shoes
1 pair keen sandals
1 rain jacket
iPhone 5
Wireless keyboard
80GB iPod
2 pair apple headphones, plus 1 other throw away pair of cheap headphones
1 point&shoot camera as backup w/ 8GB card
1 steripen ultra UV water purifier
1 photon led light white
1 led light red
1 mini portable speaker for playing music
1 64GB flash drive
1 travel pillow
1 waterproof iPhone bag
1 dry sack
1 32oz water bottle
1 24oz insulated thermos (might drop this)
1 journal and pens
Possibly my yoga mat, we will see (can certainly drop this and get a new one anytime)
Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, tweezers, nail clippers, mirror, soap bottles, quick dry towel,  Boiron homeopathic, razor and blades, q-tip, band aids, cloth tape and ear plugs)
1 combo lock
1 Travel alarm clock
safety pins
1 sewing kit
various carabineers
Circus toys
1 pair sock poi (practice)
1 pair flowtoys led poi
4 juggling balls red
1 contact juggling ball green (practice)
1 contact juggling ball acrylic
2 cheap mini led lights blue (for nighttime illusion)
1 deck & book Osho zen tarot cards
1 deck rumi cards
1 zero point energy wand
1 tsumo shin acupressure probe
1 bundle healing discs on carabineer
1 set 7 color ribbons
1 spaghetti measure
Necklaces and rings
2 stones, Shiva lingam and labradorite

80+Toiletries 20 = roughly 100 items, depending how you count; hooray!

I have limited clothes with me as many people might see, but I have seen people traveling with exactly 2 sets of clothes. While I am not ready to trim down that slim yet, all the clothes I have with me I love to wear. If it isnt something i can just throw on and love to be in everyday it doesnt come with me. Everything but the few cotton items are quick dry lightweight and/or wool which keeps smell virtually absent and keeps your temperature regulated very well. I will be in the same type of look everyday and that is fine with me. If i need something else i will buy it and figure it out. I have roughly been wearing this set of clothes for the last 3 months for everyday wear, work on the farm and my travels to Canada. So far i have only come to love and really enjoy each piece well and really surprised how much I use the yoga pants which I was unsure of at first. I know that all I really need is a toothbrush, set of clothes, cash and my passport and the rest will work itself out. Thankfully the rest of the stuff I am bringing all serves my learning experiences and I hope I use all of it very often. I hope i can encourage everyone to live with a little less and clean out your closets! Living with less stuff takes such a burden off the mind and I have really been looking forward to just having my backpack so the decisions are less and my mind is free to enjoy life. Happy Travels

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