A short update


Greetings. I just wanted to update any readers that new posts are coming. I had an interesting hiatus from life as I had to come to terms with what living outside of your own truth and energy feels like. That was a nice 6 month adventure and start of year 29, but ultimately worth the experience to find oneself again and of course learn many valuable lessons. I highlighted this deviation in my last posts about making a fundamental choice to follow a plan of the mind rather than living in the moment and responding to WHAT IS. 

With that little life lesson under my belt, I have stepped back into grace, with the help of many along the way and life is better than ever. Life always comes round if you have eyes to see it happen. Anicca: all things are impermanent and subject to change. 

So a new round of travels is upon me and many insights have been gleaned from this last period of self discovery. While I generally post in order of occurance, I find some of my topics still to be on going and thus a little out of order posting is about to happen, but will be based on theme. All travel related posts will continue to be in order of occurance so never fear that my travels are out of order. 

I hope that this new line of posts will be very helpful to all on the journey of self discovery and bring some peace to your path. In love and blessings to all. 

The wandering monk