Belgium Wanderings

I arrive in Belgium today because of so many other little decisions and guidance received on my path. In addition, my good friend Kimberli is also in Belgium by way of Alaska. I am here on this day to rendezvous with her and catch up on life as we experience it. Kimberli and I met under similarly unusual experiences in SLC and have been best friends since. Sharing our spiritual journeys and seeking inspiration and guidance from each other. So it is with great joy that we can meet while in the midst of greater exploration.
Kimberli finds herself in Brussels at this particular time by her own magical interventions on the camino de Santiago pilgrimage she partook of last year. A friendship has turned into an international relationship, and thus I make the acquaintance of my new friend and gracious host, Ben. Kimberli happens to be one of those special people who are just a part of your life without any effort, who you can talk with for days and never run out of things to say and likewise spend years apart and make it feel like only yesterday . On this overcast trip to Brussels with its shining display cases of chocolate and waffles, she is the bright sun who reminds me that other people go around having amazing experiences, manifested with the help of the universe.
We catch up on the major points over tea and a few snacks before meeting with Ben to try the best Belgian fries in the city. If you are unaware of the history of “French fries”, they actually come from Belgium and during the war, some Americans didn’t know where they were and since Belgians speak French the misunderstanding was easily made. We are meeting with other friends from their pilgrimage last year. I get to relive the amazing coincidences and experiences of a group of young people walking across Spain for two months and the exciting situations they found themselves in. This is what journeying is about. Not reaching some end, for there is none, but deciding to go and the experiences along the way. That’s life in a nutshell, just enjoy the journey and make some friends along the way.
New friends I continue to make here in Belgium, not least being Ben’s parents. They take Kimberli and I out for a day of sightseeing, including the atomium (the Iron atom for the 1958 world expo, and like Paris’s Eiffel tower never took it down), and then a Chinese buffet with the whole family. I’m still working on letting others take care of me, but this one is a bit harder. I can understand them taking Kimberli around, but also the new guy? Well obviously I can be taken care of, but I spend my time making sure to be an interactive guest and in some way earn the kindness I am being given. It takes me a while to see this as silly and just relax into having two doting parents take care of me and my pseudo sister. I have a great time and get to practice my French along the way. It reminds me of being with my Japanese host family, always taking care of me and myself trying to learn the language as quickly as I can so that I can converse and express my gratitude at just having this opportunity. Ben’s whole family is exceptionally nice and I always feel at home with them. I am thankful and look forward to a time that I may greet them again.
I also get to meet Ben’s best friend, wife and new baby. Murron is just the cutest little squishy I’ve seen and we all get to take turns holding and doting on her. Her parents are really cool and artists to boot. I’m sure this one will grow into an interesting and talented person. Since we stayed up really late, we took the rainy day slowly and I decided to stay another day before heading to Bruge. I am glad I did because it was much more relaxing this way and the highlight of Brussels came that night.
It started off with Kimberli showing me a pendant she got from her father. A mixture of metals and minerals that are quite pretty. However when I held it in my hand to feel its energy it was radiant and beyond happy and I burst into giggles. This started the sharing and feeling of all the stones and crystals we carried with us and transitioned into card readings and a practical demonstration of muscle testing for Ben. I got into that immeasurably happy space of teaching what I love and watching others open to a truth they had not remembered yet in this lifetime.
Some notable experiences from this night including Ben going from untestable for muscle testing to testable. I had never met someone I couldn’t test who had given me permission to do so. I had no idea what to do other than say sorry. He looked up an answer and found out that being dehydrated can cause problems and had not drank any water all day. That solved the problem and allowed us all to learn something. The next experience was when I opened up Kimberli and Ben’s energy fields to test. Kimberli’s I was more familiar with which is always quite happy, but Ben’s was an explosion I had not experienced in a long time. It took me a minute to recognize what it was. Love! Their relationship had just begun and I have totally forgotten what it feels like to be in a new relationship where everything is alive with purpose and attraction. What a pleasant and unexpected gift for all.
I headed for Bruge the next day. A quaint medieval town in the north of Belgium known for its picturesque buildings and canals. More recently known for the film “In Bruge” starring Colin Farrell as a gangster who hides out in this tucked away village to lay low. I think most travelers come here now for having seen this movie, myself included. It was indeed beautiful and with only 20,000 inhabitants, quite small (3 million people visit this town a year). I covered the main points and most of the city twice over in my two days there. More important to me was the remembering and putting into practice of choosing my experiences with the law of attraction. I had just listened again to “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  Reminding me in its wonderful brilliance to ask clearly and often for what I want in life and then accept the appearance of it. The trick is to raise the request to the level of positive emotion, be clear, acknowledge the appearance, and don’t let unconscious habit patterns keep bringing you what you’ve already been experiencing if you want something different. So about every hour or when I could remember I restated what I wanted and every time something shows up, I thank it for showing up and restate again if I realize I would like the experience to be better or different in some way I hadent noticed before. This helps expand and create the experiential wisdom that whatever desired experience one wishes for in life continues to show up. It’s been showing up constantly, but now you recognize the process and work with it for change.
 choco display
I have recently been asking for something like this in general. “May I continually bring experiences to me of meeting people in which to expand my consciousness, share in deep spiritual conversations, and provide new opportunities to enjoy life. May free resources flow into my life including money, delicious food, music, performances, entertainments and great deals. I stay perfectly happy, healthy, and growing in awareness and equanimity. May my experiences and gifts also flow into the lives of all those I encounter and share in joy.” I would add anything specific I felt I needed at the time such as all transportation will be perfectly on time.
As I practiced this walking around Bruge it started showing up so quickly. I wandered into a violinist and said wow free music. Thanks for coming into my experience. I enjoyed it and then restated that I would also like all my favorite instruments to show up. Not 3 hours later at the end of my free walking tour of the city (thanks again) the same guy was in a different place and had picked up a cello and an accordion player. Wow that was super fast! Thanks for honoring my new desire Universe. It also happened that across the street was a free musical performance of a local harpist and I took my two new friends from the tour with me. Not only did this wonderful man play two types of harp he played the Japanese koto and the Hang. I love the Hang and it’s still relatively rare to see one as it’s the worlds newest instrument. It was amazing to see what I asked for show up in such abundance and so fast. I had no plans and could allow it to easily flow into my experience. Travel helps one to expand quickly because the normal daily routines are destroyed and new encounters can occur. The law of attraction is always working, but depending on what you ask for, you have to allow it into your life. If you are stuck in a pattern that makes it hard for you to acknowledge receipt of your request then it could take some time to recieve what you ask for. Of course the more I see this happen the less my doubt exists that all my thoughts are extremely powerful. Once you start living the experiential wisdom you cannot deny its power. If you leave the law of attraction as intellectual wisdom, never putting it into practice, it will never work properly for you.
There continued to be many more small and large examples of this power increasing in my daily experience and awareness and it fills me with joy that I am growing on the path of enjoying happiness and harmony with the flow of energy in the world. Likewise I have received a message from a couchsurfing friend I overlooked in Switzerland to come visit. Now at the speed of light I have a flight and am on my way to Switzerland. Obviously my quieter desires and thoughts have been answered as I now get to include in my experience the Unesco scenic train ride through the Swiss alps and due to the way transportation works I get to visit venice for a few days. Both these thoughts had been lingering around and now I can seize this opportunity offered. Also I get to check off Italy on the Eat, Pray, Love tour. It’s shaping up to be a great way to travel with no plans. I may end up paying a bit more in Europe, but I get to say yes to everything!
Here’s to enjoying all the opportunities that knock on the door.
The wandering monk is off to Switzerland
*Brussels also happens to be the home of The Smurfs and the Famous Manneken Pis statue.

Health and Energy management, with your awareness.

Continued from Sweden Part 1:

You have an amazing power within you. With your awareness you can participate with your body in a relationship of understanding to maintain and promote optimal health. You must cultivate this power with patience and trust, but once you have a degree of how it works the possibilities are endless. To be in communication with the signals from your body, the vehicle in which you express your beingness, extends far beyond being physically healthy.   I will attempt to contain the scope of information to physical health, but remember this process applies to every area of your life, including mental, emotional, and spiritual.  It is my sincere hope that you learn to use and master your “emotional guidance system” as coined by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

I dont get sick.  Not ever and I just dont believe in it.  Meaning I believe in my health, and that I am always healthy.  I am not so foolish to think that pathogens do not enter my body and are fended off by my immune system.  I believe in a healthy and perfect immune system.  Obviosuly self re-enforcing experiences promote this conclusion and I support what currently is or I would create something better.  However I see people in various degrees of sickness all the time.  Sick in bed, sick at work, sick at school, apathetic kinds of sick and serious kinds of sick, pain so overwhelming manners go out the window and you would donate this pain to your best friend if it would just go away.  There are other kinds of sick as well, sick of working, sick of monotany, even sick of living I am sure.  Understand that the physical world is the slowest state of vibration. Meaning slowest to change and typically the last place for symptoms to show up. Higher vibrations such as mental or emotional forms are always the source of illness in the body, long ignored and thus manifested physically.   What sickness comes down to in my understanding is probably just two things.  Inability to manage vital body energy, and the inability to listen to your body signals.  

Vital body energy is your available energy to function and includes all your biological processes.  If you run out of this energy, you would be left without any resources to do much of anything.  If you can recall the last time you were sick in bed, perhaps you understand what it is like to have no extra energy other than be at the end result of the disease doing battle with your immune system.  You probably lack the energy to move much, eat, read, use brain power and manage anything but resting.  You may even feel like dieing, metaphorically of course, but this feeling isnt so far from the physical truth.  Managing your vital energy then is to never let it fall below a point where you are at the mercy of required body functions.  With regard to health, if you maintain enough energy you will never have the physical experience of being sick.

Your major energy souce is obviosuly the intake of food converted to energy via digestion and surplus energy stored  in your body.  Other sources are more intangable.  We all live within an energy field and are constantly interacting with it.  Think of all the electrons holding your body together, this constitutes a field.  One major source of energy is the Earth itself.  Placing your bare feet on the earth instantly connects you to a flow of free electrons which naturally settle in your body to balance out the particles missing them.  Similar to this source is contact with all living and non living entities.  Huging a tree, embracing a human, petting the cat, touching stones, making dinner or anything else you come into contact with exchanges energy that can bring energy into your system or give it away. Think at the atomic level, everything your hand touches instantly connects to and then seperates from the electrons of the object being touched.  Having communicated in some tangable way the sensation of the object to your hand (Hard, soft, cold, warm, rough, smooth, etc.)  That is energy and information moving in the field, giving you valuable sensations and guidance.  This transfer of information is happening with everything, all the time and understanding it will allow us a measure of control in our response to new signals.

Energy loss similarly occurs in many ways that are obvious and some that are more subtle in nature.  Using your body physically and mentally requires the largest costs of energy and this is to be expected.  40% of your energy costs may go into using your brain for complex thought processes alone, with major contributions to digestion, elimination, and muscle recovery following up.  Im going to lump the other costs into one category: stressors.  Any time you are in a state of resistance you can easily feel the sensation of it.  Stress is basically a chronic state of energy loss. Whether these are physical stressors such as ingesting toxins or emotional stressors from work or relationships, they cost you energy.

Maintaining vital body energy then is gathering and retaining enough energy in your system than all the stressors costs you.  To be feeling rundown would be to cost yourself enough energy that you dip into the red and spend more energy on physical or emotional stressors than is being balanced by energy input.  To become sick is the same state, but you introduce a disease process into the mix.  This creates a physical experience of pain or suffering felt immediatly in the body without resources at your disposal to change the circumstance.  Thus finding the proper balance of energy, will keep you from this low energy experience and in a state of health.  To know if you are in a proper environment, by environment I mean a physical, emotional and mental state of being stress free, falls to your wonderful internal system of signaling that is constantly informing you moment to moment of your energy state and your environments effects on you.

Listening to your body signals and emotions:
How often does that little voice in your head suggest something to you?  How often do you listen?  More importantly how often do you act upon that suggestion?  Training your awareness to listen to this internal guidance and intuition starts building the foundation of understanding the energy changes happening to your body at the moment of occurance.  They need not be ‘voices’, any pang, poke, buzz, stab, flutter, gut instinct, emotional state or any sensation at all is the same thing.  This is a process of trusting small seemingly insignificant messages which are actually the continual state of change which you can tap into.  Your body is designed to be a reciever of this information always, but your active participation and awareness are needed to do anything useful with this information.  The key is to start acting on each piece of information.  You dont go from getting advice such as exercise a bit more or slow down on the drinking, to major knowledge overnight.  This is because if you cant listen to the easy changes, managing a big change which might turn various areas of your life upside down for a bit, would end up costing you more energy than staying in your current state of misery. (But really they are all small changes depending on your viewpoint…shhh)

This is exactly what happened for me and my diet.  I had begun to listen to my body and started working on some smaller changes and things were begining to change.  I was sitting on the couch one evening and this plesant sensation sprang on me out of nowhere.  Soon my own voice spoke to me in my head and said “How would you like to be vegetarian?”.  It didnt really use the word vegetarian, it was a bigger concept all rolled into a simple meaning that was transmitted to me.  That is one clear indicator of true inner guidance, it speaks in concepts.  I understood at once, without words, that if I follow this advice this plesant feeling would be a part of a lifestyle of eating healthier and more in tune with my body’s wishes.  It didnt even take me half a thought to say yes and thus started the moment I have been meat free.  I looked back on this event from a few months down the road and it was amazing the transformation that took place.  I didnt even have a last meal, cannot remember the last piece of meat I ate or have I once craved or desired meat since.  I feel sorry for anyone that makes such a lifestyle decision for purely mental reasons and struggles against their body signals.  

I gained more than I thought in that moment.  I had been wanting to cook more, eat healthier, and experiment with varied cuisines.  These were all little desires in my head and I was trying to work with them, but only in small ways.   Switching a staple food from my diet instantly forced me in the best possible way to explore new foods and styles and I have been forever happier from this experience.  The same process occured when alcohol left my life.  Had you told me at the begining I wouldn’t be eating meat, drinking or eating French fries anymore I might have told those voices no way.   I needed enough energy to manage the transformation, and enough trust in the guidance to see it through.  What really costs you is the resistance from outside sources such as established habits, friends and environments that attempt to keep you in stasis with how you used to be.  Having enough energy to stick with your body’s guidance no matter the criticism or disbelief or advice from others that contradicts the information you have received is really the test.

In my recent case in Sweden, I was opening a stuck emotional and energetic space in me that was ready to be cleared.  Whatever the cause, physical or emotional, the signals roughly tend to be similar.  The day before I noticed early on the extra demands for energy.  A lack of enthusiasm, a diminished vocal capacity and need to express myself in speech, slight muscle ache as my body repaired itself slower.  I understood that a process was happening to me, that this was going to require energy, my participation was requested, and thus I acted accordingly.  I cancled all my plans, I rested and I fasted*.  I could easily have kept along with my plans, I would have been tired, but I could have kept going like so many people do day in and day out.  Never feeling their best, but certainly can go on.  Despite our belief that multitasking is efficient and a skill to be honed, we can actually only process one task at a time.  Human beings are only very efficient at ‘switching’ between tasks rapidly which looks like multitasking.  Thus instead of multitasking and taking on the job of processing this healing phase and continuing about my daily life I chose the higher priority: My health.  My health is my number one priority, because without health the possibility to enjoy life is drastically diminished.  That isnt to say I am perfect, but when I am aware enough, I make the best choice available to my understanding.  I gave my body one day and all my energy to literally transmute something physical needing to be changed and woke up the next day perfectly recovered and ready to ride some roller coasters.  Why this particular process required so much energy and a physical response I may never know, but I have been living in and experiencing the new (actually old) emotions coming out of this space and gaining more awareness into my inner world.  If you ever find yourself heading towards a healing phase or see the signs of an oncoming sickness, pay attention and perhaps the this information will be of use.

*Fasting: There is substantial research on the effect of fasting for health.  A typical human body can go around 30-90 days without food before the demand for sustenance returns.  During this abstaining process the substantial demands of energy for digestion are instead used for healing and house cleaning purposes.  Many miraculous healings are attributed to following a fasting regimine under physician guidance.  A short fast of 3-10 days can improve many simple ailments and knock out simple sicknesses if started early and ample rest is added.
Steps to start managing your energy and signals:

-Energy coming into your system:
The nourishment you consume is directly the energy that will be available to you.  You are literally what you eat as it becomes the building blocks of new cells.  Eating as clean as possible will allow your body to easily digest the food and turn it into energy.  This is your one real responsibility concerning managing your body directly, everything else is mostly an internal process handled without your conscious involvement.  Remember, digestion costs energy, thus eating properly mixed foods, light on time consuming meat products will leave you with energy after digestion and will not cost you a nap (think of the thanksgiving nap effect of over eating).

-Remove all artificial products from your diet.  High on the list is artificial sugars, chemicals and msg.  Not only does your body treat these substances as toxins and thus must expend extra energy to contain and expel them, they are neuro toxins inhibiting your brain’s normal signals.  This physically reduces your awareness over such body signals as satiation, craving, addiction, and signs of distress.  If those chemicals didnt give your brain a boost of pleasure, you would feel immediatly the toxic effects of these substances rather than feeling the effects at a delayed response.  Read your labels!  If you consume many processed and packaged foods or fast food, tough as it might be to change your habits, try to eliminate as many of these energy costs as possible.

-Reduce your intake of meat.  
Muscle fibers are the toughest food substances for the body to break down. If you want more energy available to you the first place you can recover some is from reducing the work load on your digestive system.  Most meats take up to 14 hours to fully break down, so remember to really chew.  Several studies have shown that meat and dairy consumption over a certain limited amount may cause many of the “Western Diseases” due to inflamation such as coronary disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.  Your body is an amazing machine able to digest much of the variety of foods ingested across the globe.  However too much of certain foods your body already spends a lot of energy digesting actually reach a point where your body goes into defense mode rather than digestion, storing these extra toxins as fat because it cannot expel the material quickly enough without auto intoxicating. 

-Try switching as much of your dairy intake to non cow sources such as goat.  Goat dairy lacks the casien protien found in cow milk which studies show human beings have a hard time digesting. This is also why babies are given goat milk if the mother cannot provide. 

-Reduce drastically or permanently alcohol use.
As for alcohol, moderation is key. Unless you are seriously committed to retaining every bit of energy and awareness, alcohol will continue to cost you some degree of energy and will, as its primary effect reduce your awareness.  These effects resolve themselves usually by the next morning and based on your desire to be more aware, consumption is at your discretion.  

-Begin to meditate.
Any kind of meditation will serve the purpose here, which is to pay more attention to your state of being.  Stop for a moment and really check in with your body.  Really feel what is going on there.  You live in this amazing thing and the amount of senses it contains which are always giving you feedback is astounding.  Having a clear mind really helps with this, but isnt required to begin to benefit.  Your body knows what is needed at all times to be in a state of health and is constantly trying to tell you.  There will be no major roadsigns or sheets of instructions.  There will be subtle sensations and feelings, always guiding you towards the one state of health if you choose to listen.  Our minds and egos would love to do steps 1-2-3 and be finished, but managing our energy is a moment to moment responsibility.  

-Learn Kinesiology, also known as Muscle Testing.
If you are seriously interested in learning a direct technique to ask your body questions and get answers then this is the method for you.  It requires two people to be done, but it can be learned to be done solo.  This technique tests the energy state of the body in response to a stimuli.  There is a small amount of electricity in the body at all times.  If a positive stimuli is tested on the body it will remain strong, likewise if a negative stimuli is tested, it interupts your circuitry and your body will go weak.  It’s pretty cool once you experience it for yourself. The trust comes when something gives you a negative response, perhaps something you like to eat, will you remove it from your diet or not listen to the information your body gives you? Things may change again in the future, but if you cannot experiment with changes in your habits and exercise some self control to see things change then hold onto this technique until you are ready.  I will devote an entire post to this single topic as I use it every day of my life.  In the mean time please read David Hawkins “Power Vs. Force” which is certainly at the top of the list in being informative as to the studies and power of this technique.  The begining is a bit heady on the science, but then it mellows out into easy reading.
Once a certain degree of communication is reached between your body and awareness, the process becomes automatic.  You will feel the instant something goes off or goes right.  You can then at that moment start a new process of self discovery into the cause of the change.  Did something I just consume cause a noticable difference?  Did my environment change in some way?  Did my emotional state just change?  Am I feeling my best, and if not what can I change?  These changes are happening all the time, below the surface of common awareness.  To give them the attention they deserve is the first step in listening to what they tell you.  Which leads to following what guidence you understand.  This will leave you with a better internal communication system, better health and the knowledge that you can always take care of yourself because the guidence is always present and speaking with you.  Your body is the very instrument, like a string always vibrating.   

“Remember this pain is not to cause you suffering, this pain is to make you more aware!”  -OSHO

Become more aware and pains of all sorts begin to melt away.  Other pangs and pains may appear to guide you as your new guidance system develops which is how I mostly receive my guidance.  Leave the judgements at the door and be thankful for any sensations in your body. They are all messages whether ‘painful’ or ‘pleasurable’. Gaining a greater degree of physical health leads inevitably to greater emotional, psychological and spiritual health.  You have started on the journey.  Blessings.

-Other resources for further research
Most of this information first reached my understainding by books and recommendations.  Here are many that fit within this topic and I hope they help you as much as they did me.
– – Products for grounding your body inside a home or workspace to gather those free electons.  I use one of these everytime I work on a computer and I sleep with one of these every night!
– Ask and it is Given, By Esther and Jerry Hicks –  Teaching by Abraham about using your emotional guidance system to manifest anything you want, including your health.  Another comprehensive resource on listening to your body signals.
– Green for Life, By Victoria Boutenko – The importance and ease of including a green smoothie in your diet to fulfill your actual nutritional needs.  This is like rocket fuel when consumed for breakfast!
– Fasting and Sunbathing, By Robert Shelton –  The resource on fasting.  Dr. Shelton has supervised over 50,000 water fasts for health and healing of disease.
– Forks Over Knives, Film.  Information about the health benefits of eating a whole foods, plant based diet to combat many “Western Diseases” that we face today.  Covers research from two prominent scientists and the China Study.  
– The China Study –
 A 20 year comprehensive study into nutrition and its effects on humans.